Blizzard - 6th

6th Grade Blizzard Bag Assignments

6th Grade students should go to Google Classroom for their assignments.

UA Assignments

Students should work on the UA assignments for the class they would have this day. 
    • French - Go to Google Classroom
    • Spanish - Go to Google Classroom
     • ICT - See below.
     • Life Skills - See below.
     • Art - See below.
     • PE - Go to Google Classroom
     • STEAM - coming soon
     • Band - Practice your instrument.

*ART *



Choose one activity from the following options for Art. Please upload an image to Artsonia with an artist statement by the end of the week that the snow day occurs. See Artsonia directions at the bottom :


1. Go outside and create a snow sculpture by yourself or with a sibling or with a friend! Spend at least 30 mins outside and then take a photo of your snow art! Upload to Artsonia with an artist statement.


2. Create a drawing of your choice or from the following drawing prompts. Spend about 30 mins on the drawing. It can be black and white or color. Upload to Artsonia with an artist statement.

Drawing Prompts:

  1. Draw your favorite stuffed animal
  2. Draw part of your room (for example: your desk or your bed with stuffies on it or your bookshelf)
  3. Draw several pieces of candy still in their wrappers
  4. Draw someone in your family making a funny face -Or- a serious face.
  5. Draw something in your kitchen (for example: a pile of dirty dishes or salt and pepper shakers)
  6. Draw yourself in 20 years. What will you be doing?
  7. Draw a musical instrument


3. Go outside and take about 20 photos. Pick your best photo based on composition and edit it using the photo editor of your choice (Pixlr Express is a free one we use at school). Upload to Artsonia with an artist statement.



Go to:

Artsonia code is: KRKM-ZYTW


Follow prompts- should be familiar!

If you have technology issues, upload image to Drive as a backup plan and share with art teacher.


[End of Art Assignment]

* Life Skills* Life Skills Assignment
Students are to help someone while taking advantage of the weather situation. They may help clear snow for their family or neighbors, they may help build a snowman with a friend or family member, they may help clean the house, do laundry, bake cookies  or complete any other act of kindness. Students have brought home a hot chocolate package they can enjoy after the experience.
In order to complete the assignment students are asked to bring in a picture or write a small reflection.
Enjoy the day!

Mrs. Rafferty [End of Life Skills Assignment]
ICT Class

Snow Day Assignment

Create a “Shelf Talker”


Favorite books (nonfiction or fiction)

Pencils, colored pencils, fine tip markers, erasers

Index cards, blank (3” x 5”)


To help promote the joy of reading for pleasure and to help other students make book selections.


Select a favorite title from your favorite reading list and create a promotional “shelf talker” to

be displayed on the shelf where that title is housed.  Students compose an original “pitch” to advertise the title and use color and graphics to make the shelf talker eye-catching.

What to include:

Descriptive language

Persuasive language

Specific vocabulary

Reference to the genre

Include the title & author

Include a nonverbal graphic

Strategic use of color

What not to include:

Anything we can read on the cover, on the inside flap or in the summary sentence.

Things that are obvious, such as…

The fact that it is a book - We know it’s a book!

(This is a book about…)

The fact that Sam is a boy (now, if Sam were a girl, you might have to tell us)
A replica of the book cover – be original with your nonverbal graphic


Here is an example:

SchoolAdmins:mcoombs:CURRICULUM:Shelf Talker Model.jpg
[End of ICT assignment]



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