Welcome to Rye Junior High Humanities! 

This year in Humanities, students will be spending their time examining historical events in US History, while analyzing and problem solving along the way. At Rye Junior High, we believe that students learn best when they are able to take control of their own learning, and can analyze new information in a way that allows them to form opinions, solve problems, and grow as individuals. In Humanities, students will not be memorizing names, battles, or dates. Instead, we will examine historical events of the United States to identify patterns, examine the effects on the economy, the citizens, and our culture. Students will use reading, writing, and analytical skills to create high quality projects designed to promote their personal interests.


This year, Rye Junior High will be working under a common theme of Community. All grade levels will be examining how a community develops, changes, and grows. The theme of Community will be the driving force in how students examine historical events. 

Personalized Learning

In the past few years, staff at RJH have been working to implement Project Based Learning, which allows students to demonstrate what they know and are able to do with new information while creating something new, either collaboratively or independently.

We are continuing our journey with PBL, and are piloting a more Personalized Learning approach in Humanities. Every trimester, students will examine and assess their progress through learning standards and skills. With teacher assistance, they will develop a Personalized Learning Plan, which will guide their work for that trimester.

This opportunity allows students to develop a deeper sense of responsibility for their learning, and have a practical outlook on their strengths as well as areas of growth. Student Personalized Learning Plans will be available to families at all times on the student’s Portfolio website.

To view the trimester overview for both 7th and 8th grade, click here. Or, visit our Hamanities web site

We are available by email (, or phone (964-5591). We are looking forward to a productive, student focused year!

Jenn Miller & Anne Gilbert 

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