Occasionally, during the school year, your child might need medication during school hours. This medication can be administered by the School Nurse provided certain regulations are followed:

  1. Medication should be hand delivered to the school nurse only by the parent or the other responsible adult in the original pharmacy container appropriately labeled by the pharmacy. Pills in home containers or plastic baggies are not accepted.

  2. A consent form must be signed by the parent/guardian for the administration of the medication in school.

  3. A Physician's signature is required for any prescription medication to be given by the school nurse.

  4. No student is allowed to have medication on his/her person. Exception: Inhalers and/or Epi-pens are allowed to be carried by the student only if there is documentation from the physician and parent. If your child needs an asthma inhaler, it should be kept in the health office unless a note is received from the physician that states the child is able to carry it with him/her.

  5. Authorization forms for medication administration are available in the health office.

  6. In the absence of the school nurse, the principal or designee may administer medications.

  7. Medication not picked up at the end of the school year will be discarded.

  8. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, and cough drops, and Tums are available during school hours if permission is given by parent/guardian.

Feminine health products are also available in the health office